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Owning and caring for a dog is great fun and very rewarding but it is also a big responsibility and a long-term caring and financial commitment.

If you own a dog, it is your responsibility to make sure that its needs are met, whatever the circumstances. The law requires you to take responsible steps to ensure that your dog:

  • has a suitable environment to live in
  • has a suitable diet
  • is able to behave normally
  • has appropriate company
  • is protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

Since the implementation of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, the Welsh Government has been developing policies to promote animal welfare and responsible ownership. Over the last few years, we have introduced new legislation aimed at raising the standards of the welfare of dogs in Wales:

  • Docking of Working Dogs' Tails (Wales) Regulations 2007
  • Animal Welfare (Electronic Collars) (Wales) Regulations 2010
  • Animal Welfare (Breeding of Dogs) (Wales) Regulations 2014
  • The Microchipping of Dogs (Wales) Regulations 2015

Review of Responsible Dog Ownership in Wales

The Deputy Minister for Farming and Food Rebecca Evans AM agreed for the RSPCA Cymru with key stakeholders to undertake a short review of the existing work being done on responsible dog ownership in Wales.

The Review, which was commissioned in April 2015, spans a range of different policy areas and considerations including Housing, Social Services and Education. The report ‘A Review of Responsible Dog Ownership in Wales’ (external link) can be accessed here.