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Parents’ meetings: statutory guidance to the governing bodies of maintained schools in Wales regarding the duty to hold meetings with parents

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The School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 provides for new arrangements whereby parents may petition up to 3 meetings a year with a school governing body.

The guidance deals with these new arrangements which are provided under section 94 of the Act, and which enable parents to request up to 3 meetings in a school year with their children’s school governing body. These new arrangements replace the previous legislative requirement that a governing body must hold an annual parents meeting, unless the governing body was exempt from holding such annual meetings due to the provisions of the Annual Parents’ Meeting (Exemptions) (Wales) Regulations 2005.

This guidance is provided to the governing bodies of all maintained schools in Wales as statutory guidance to which all such governing bodies must have regard when exercising their functions under section 94 of the Act.