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Applications for the grant of Degree Awarding Powers: guidance and criteria for applicants in Wales

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Procedures for making applications for the grant of degree-awarding powers (foundation, taught and research) to institutions in Wales.

Prior to 15 September 2015, applications in Wales and England were considered under joint criteria and guidance:

  • “Applications for the grant of taught degree awarding powers, research degree awarding powers and university title” (August 2004) and 
  • “Applications for the Grant of Foundation Degree Awarding Powers: Guidance and Criteria for Applicant Further Education Institutions in England and Wales” (October 2010). 

From February 2017, the attached criteria and guidance apply in relation to Wales only and replaces both of the above publications in Wales. However, it should be noted that no amendments have been made to the criteria laid out in the above two publications.

The guidance is now presented in a more clear and user-friendly form and has been updated to take into account changes to the higher education landscape and relevant changes to legislation that have taken place since 2004.

The guidance and criteria applies to institutions whose activities are wholly or principally carried on in Wales. For these purposes the term ‘principally carried on in Wales’ means the majority of the institution’s activities take place in Wales.

The attached document applies to applications for degree awarding powers only; updated guidance for applications for university title in Wales is to follow. In the meantime applicants for university title should contact the Welsh Government for further details.  

For further information on the process please contact: