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We hope the following section answers any questions you may have about your involvement in the Seren Network.


Can I apply to be in the Seren Network?

No, teachers in schools and colleges who are part of a Seren hub will identify students to take part in the programme. Some schools and colleges aren’t yet linked to a Seren hub; additional hubs will be introduced throughout 2015-16.

When will I know if I’m in the Seren Network?

Year 12 students in participating schools and colleges will be approached by their teachers in September or early October.

Why have I been selected for the Seren Network?

You have been invited to join the Seren Network because you are one of the brightest young people in Wales! Your teachers want to help you achieve your full potential, both at A level and in university.

What will I get out of it?

You’ll get:

  • first hand access to leading universities
  • the chance to work beyond the A level curriculum
  • subject support from teachers in your area
  • a peer group of other students
  • information and advice about university applications.

How much time will it take?

Each hub will have a different schedule of activities so the time commitment will vary between hubs. Workshops and activities will take a few hours a month, but you’ll also have access to reading lists and follow up activities to do in your own time.


Do I have to pay for my child to be involved in the Seren Network?

Being part of the Seren Network is free of charge for your child. Activities are provided locally at no cost. Occasional costs may be incurred for trips to universities but we want to ensure that no student is unable to participate due to financial circumstances. Additional funding may be available where necessary - please talk to your hub coordinator for further information.

How is my child selected?

Each hub has its own selection policy, designed to identify high achievers in the context of the local educational environment. For more details about the selection process for your local hub, please contact the hub coordinator.

Why hasn’t my child been selected for the Seren Network?

If you think your child should have been invited to join the network but you haven’t heard anything, talk to your hub coordinator who will be able to answer any queries.

How will my child get to regional hub meetings?

Arrangements for each hub will differ, according to the size and geography of the hub. Each hub will have a number of students travelling to meetings from the same school or college so there may be lift-sharing opportunities available. Transport to activities may be provided, particularly in rural areas. For hub specific information, contact your local hub coordinator.

Do I have a local hub?

When fully implemented by summer 2016, every eligible student in Wales will have access to a local Seren hub. Five hubs will be launching in September 2015 with more being introduced throughout the academic year. 

What will being part of the Seren Network involve?

If your child is invited to be part of the Seren Network they will be part of a select group of students being offered an academically focused support programme designed to challenge them and help them reach their full potential.

Will this put my child under additional pressure at an already stressful time?

The Seren Network is there to provide information, advice and guidance to students at a time when they have to make big decisions about their future. The network is there to reduce anxiety about the university application process and ensure Wales’ brightest students are being given the support needed to achieve their full potential.


How do I select students for the Seren Network?

This process will be coordinated through your local hub and you will be provided with the data and tools needed to recruit your pool of students for the network.

How do I invite students to join the network?

Each hub will have template letters and paperwork that will be sent out to chosen students.

Can I work on my own professional personal development through my involvement with the Seren Network?

Volunteering for the hub is a rewarding experience in its own right, but will also add valuable experience to your CV. There may be opportunities to pursue CPD points through this work but this is at the discretion of your own school or college.

How much extra time will I need to commit to the network?

It’s up to you. You could deliver a one off workshop or sign up to a series of after school classes, or you could volunteer to accompany a visit to a university. If you are interested in volunteering to support your Seren hub, talk to your local hub coordinator to discuss the programme in your area.

Why are you targeting the Sutton Trust 30 universities?

The Seren Network was set up to help more Welsh students gain access to the UK’s leading universities where they are currently under-represented compared to the rest of the UK. We will be working with Wales’ brightest students to help them achieve their full potential and hopefully secure their place within these leading universities.

What about the students that are struggling academically, why aren’t we focusing on them?

Every Welsh student deserves to fulfil their potential, so schools and colleges rightly offer extensive support programmes and interventions for lots of different groups of students. The Seren Network delivers tailored support to those academic high achievers.

Can my school be part of the Seren Network?

Every school and college in Wales is invited to be part of the Network: if a hub hasn’t been set up in your area yet, plans will be put forward in the next academic year. 


I was a student at one of these universities, how do I get involved?

We will be launching an alumni campaign in early 2016. See our alumni pages for more information and to sign up for updates.

Hub coordinators

How do we find a venue for hub meetings?

This will be different for each hub involved and is entirely up to the hub partners. You could rotate the venue for each meeting to utilise the facilities of different schools and colleges, or you could decide on one central meeting point because it’s better suited to all involved. 

How do we learn from other hubs?

The central team will share news of best practice to all hubs to ensure everyone can work to the same level and a teacher’s conference will take place in December 2015.


Why should we get involved in this?

Wales has the academically talented students that top universities are aiming to recruit. The Seren Network provides universities with an opportunity to work with large groups of high achievers within a geographical region - this maximises the impact of your resources and puts you in direct contact with your target audience.

How will universities benefit from being part of the Seren Network?

Your outreach budget will go further as your travel time will be reduced. Your activities can be more tailored and you will be working in partnership with teachers, not just providing a service. It will also allow you to build relationships with more Welsh schools to help you tap into more Welsh talent in the future.