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A summary of the Tech Valleys Strategic Advisory Group's purpose.


The role of the Group is to provide strategic advice to the Tech Valleys Sponsor Group on strategic objectives, priorities and delivery related to Tech Valleys.

Vision for Tech Valleys:

In 2027 the south Wales Valleys, and Blaenau Gwent in particular, will be a globally recognised centre for the development of new technologies, to support cutting edge industry.

Tech Valleys is a ten-year investment programme designed to support the creation of 1,500 sustainable jobs predominantly in new technologies and advanced manufacturing.

The vision reflects Welsh Government ambitions for economic growth, as outlined in the economic strategy Prosperity for All and supporting the Economic Action Plan.

Roles and responsibilities

The role of the Tech Valleys Strategic Advisory Group is to provide coordinated advice to the Tech Valleys Sponsor Group on:

  • strategic objectives, priorities and delivery related to Tech Valleys
  • best practice and learning in other regions of the UK and internationally
  • deployment and roll our of the investment in Tech Valleys to encourage maximum positive impact across Blaenau Gwent in particular and the wider economy of Wales
  • activity and progress to date in relation to Tech Valleys, which may include strategic advice towards investment opportunities, encouraging supply chain development, identifying property and infrastructure needs, business support, international export, R&D, marketing and promotion of the wider Heads of the Valleys area.


The group does not hold a budget.


The membership of the group will reflect and represent industry, SMEs, entrepreneurs, local government, specialist project expertise, finance, FE/HE and consist of between 8 and 10 members.

In addition to the core Group membership, expert input can be sought to contribute to the group as it undertakes its work. This may include input from individuals and organisations across Wales, UK or internationally to reflect project scope.



Mark Langshaw has been appointed Chair of the interim Tech Valleys Strategic Advisory Group by the Welsh Government. In the absence of the appointed Chair, the group members will agree and appoint one of their number to preside.

Frequency of meetings

It is envisaged that the group will meet on a quarterly basis, with the option to meet additionally as required.

Attendance at meetings

Members are expected to attend meetings regularly. Appointments may be terminated, without notice, if attendance becomes so erratic as to interfere with the good running of the Tech Valley Strategic Advisory Group.


A quorum shall be reached when the majority of members (i.e. more than 50%) are in attendance.

Ways of working/secretariat

Meetings will be held in the General Office, Ebbw Vale. The group will be guided by a work programme determined by the Tech Valleys Sponsor Group and reflect input from members of the Advisory Group.

In addition to members of the group, meetings may be routinely attended by, Welsh Government officials and any additional co-opted members agreed with the group.

To facilitate openness, the contents of documents and discussions during group meetings must be treated in confidence. Documentation and other information provided to the group should remain confidential, and should not be disclosed unless the Welsh Government has given prior written consent to the release of information.

Documentation, including meeting notes, may be subject to access to information requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Where such requests are received, the Welsh Government's standard Freedom of Information procedures will be followed.


The Group has been appointed on a task and finish basis to March 2020.

One month’s notice of dissolution of the Group may be given by the Welsh Government at any time.

Appointments to the Group can be terminated by either party by giving one month’s notice in writing to the Chair and copied to the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) of Tech Valleys.


Members of the group must exercise their best endeavours to reach a consensus on decisions. The Sponsor Group will be advised of discussions on decisions where there is no agreed consensus.


The Welsh Government reserves the right not to act on any recommendation made by the group if doing so is considered to be inappropriate.

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