Data showing finances and numbers of staff at Welsh universities.

This headline shows breakdowns of incomes and expenditures for the higher education sector in Wales. It is based on statistics produced by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). Finance comparisons made with previous years use figures which are re-stated in the most recent financial statements available.

Key points

Finance of Higher Education Institutions

  • Total income of the Welsh higher education sector was reported as £1.50bn, 1 per cent (£19m) less than 2015/16.
  • Total expenditure of the sector was £1.52bn, 5 per cent (£73m) more than in 2015/16.
  • Income through tuition fees continued to rise. Tuitions fees and education contracts now make up 56 per cent of income (£836m).
  • The fall in Funding Council grants continued for a seventh year. Income from Funding Grants fell by 6 per cent (£10m).
  • Research grants made up 13% of the income of Welsh universities, a similar proportion to what has been reported previously in recent years.
  • Welsh universities spent £857m on staff in 2016/17. This represented over half (56 per cent) of all costs.

Staff at Higher Education Institutions

  • The number of staff at Welsh universities increased by 425 (2 per cent) in 2016/17, to 21,095.
  • Cardiff University employed the most staff (6,855), over double the next largest – Swansea University (3,150).
  • Glyndwr University was the smallest university in terms of staff numbers, employing only 515 in 2016/17.
  • Just under half of all staff (49%) were on academic contracts.
  • Just under two thirds of staff were full-time, for both academic and non-academic contracts.
  • Of those who weren’t on an academic contract, 3,735 were in professional or technical occupations. 4,015 were in administrative and secretarial occupations and 1,060 were in ‘elementary occupations’.
  • 55 per cent of all staff positions were filled by women. However, they held only 47 per cent of academic roles. Two thirds of all part-time staff were female.
  • 1 in 10 academic staff members reported they were able to teach through Welsh, but only little over a half of those were actually doing so.


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