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3. Funding and eligibility

Businesses of all sizes and across all sectors are eligible.

Most of the training will be carried out by the employer who works with an approved training provider.

The employer is responsible for paying the apprentice’s salary and for any additional training. Training costs are supported by the apprenticeships programme.

It is important to work with a training provider at a very early stage in the process. They can provide help, support and guidance.


To help businesses recruit apprentices, we are offering incentives until 28 February 2022. Amounts available depend on contract hours: 

  30 hours a week or more Less than 30 hours a week
16 to 24 year olds £4000 £2000
Aged 25 and over £2000 £1000

Payments are restricted to 10 learners per business. Incentives do not apply to degree apprenticeships.

Incentive payment for employing disabled people

  • £1500 for each new apprentice recruited
  • you can claim this in addition to the incentives above

All incentives only apply to apprenticeship levels 2 to 5.

You cannot apply if: 

  • you are recruiting on a zero hours contract
  • you are using a shared apprenticeship model

Incentives will be available through your training provider.