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our valleys, our future

The Valleys Taskforce: Delivering change for the South Wales Valleys

The Valleys is one of Wales’ best kept secrets and should not be defined by its challenges.

In partnership with Valleys communities, we have developed a plan for action which addresses the challenges and builds on the Valleys many existing assets.

Our delivery plan outlines what we are doing. The objectives are covered by 3 specific themes:

Good quality jobs and the skills to do them
Good quality jobs and the skills to do them
Our vision by 2021, is to close the employment gap between the South Wales Valleys and the rest of Wales. This means helping an additional 7,000 people into work, further creating thousands of new, fair, secure and sustainable jobs across the Valleys.
Better public services
Better public services
Public services will be working with the third sector and local communities to respond to people’s needs. Support will be available to help people lead healthier lifestyles, improving their physical and mental wellbeing and addressing health inequalities.
My local community
My local community
A Valleys Landscape Park will have been set up to help local communities celebrate and maximise the use of their natural resources and heritage. Valleys town centres will be vibrant places, with attractive green spaces which support local economies.

Meet the Valleys taskforce

The ministerial taskforce for the South Wales Valleys are working to improve prosperity in the South Wales valleys.

Valleys Regional Park
Valleys Regional Park
The Vision is for the valleys to be a place people are proud to call home and businesses choose to operate. It is a place where communities are empowered, and their local environment is easily accessible, widely used and at the heart of valleys life.
Empty homes grant
If you live in a Valleys Taskforce area, and meet the criteria, you may be eligible for up to £25,000 toward renovations.

Get involved

Your involvement helps to decide what is important and what happens next.  Let us know what you think about the changes. Use #OurValleys on Twitter or visit our Facebook page.

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