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How we are helping registered social landlords reduce the carbon footprint of existing social housing.

First published:
4 November 2021
Last updated:


Optimised RetroFit (ORP) is a whole house, pragmatic, approach to decarbonising existing homes. It is far more sophisticated and bespoke than previous schemes. It takes into account the fabric or materials homes are made from and the way we heat and store energy. It also takes into account how energy reaches our homes.

It is open to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and local authorities (LAs) to install a variety of home decarbonisation measures in existing social housing stock.

ORP Phase 2

ORP Phase 2 is open to both stock retaining LAs and RSLs. 

We are keen for bids from those social landlords who have not yet featured on Phase 1 and have not started decarbonisation measures in their properties.

SMEs will be expected to partner with a lead social landlord to access the scheme.

Successful bids will need to demonstrate how they meet the following criteria:

  • adopt a Welsh First approach to supply chain establishment or growth
  • support growth of Welsh SME and micro businesses
  • maximise the use of Welsh timber in retrofitting work
  • boost green workforce skills
  • make households more open to decarbonisation measures

How to apply

To apply for the scheme you must:

Further information

If you want further advice or information about the ORP, please email