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Until we have a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19, we need to stop the spread of coronavirus by testing and contact tracing.

The NHS COVID-19 app is an important part of our Test Trace Protect programme to control the spread of Covid-19.

The more people who use the app the greater our chances of reducing the spread of the virus.

The app will:

  • let you know if you have been near someone who now has coronavirus symptoms
  • give you advice on coronavirus that is relevant to you
  • allow you to check your symptoms
  • take you to a website where you can book a test if you have symptoms
  • provide a self-isolation countdown timer if required

By downloading and using the app, you can help keep your family and friends safe.

The app will not hold any personal information about you or track your location.

It will use your postcode district to tell you if your area is at risk. When you download the app you will be asked to share the first 4 letters and digits of your postcode with NHS Wales. A postcode district generally contains about 8,000 addresses. This means that your specific location cannot be identified.

The app is currently still at trial stage and will be available for download from the Apple app store or Google Play store on 24 September.

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