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Find out how to add, remove, and upgrade users to administrators for your organisation’s Land Transaction Tax (LTT) online account.

First published:
23 July 2020
Last updated:

As a registered online administrator for your organisation’s LTT account, you can:

  • activate and deactivate users
  • upgrade users to administrators or change them to a user

This video shows you how to manage online users step by step:

How to add online users

To add an online user to your organisation’s online account:

  1. The new user must first create a new user account.
  2. The organisation’s online administrator must then activate them to file and view tax returns.

How to activate new users

Administrators can see users who’ve signed up for an online account for their organisation on the manage online users page. On this page you can select users who are awaiting activation and change their ‘user status’ to activated.

Activated users can then:

  • submit returns
  • view draft and submitted returns from your organisation

Adding and removing another administrator

Administrators can upgrade users to administrators by changing their ‘user type’ in the system at any point. You can also change them back to a user.

As an administrator they’ll be able to manage the user list and keep it up to date.

If your organisation does not have an online administrator because they have left, please contact us.

How to deactivate users

If a user leaves the organisation or no longer needs access, an administrator should deactivate them immediately.

To deactivate a user:

  1. Go to manage online users.
  2. Select the user.
  3. Select edit user details.
  4. Change the user status to deactivated.
  5. Select save.

If they leave your organisation temporarily, an administrator can deactivate them and follow the how to activate steps to re-activate them at a later date.


If you need help with any of these processes, please contact us.