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Ken Skates MS

Responsibilities of the Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales.


Ken Skates was born in 1976 in Wrexham, educated at Mold Alun School and went on to study Social and Political Science at Cambridge University.

In his free time, Ken enjoys running, swimming, hiking and golf as well as having an interest in gardening, art and architecture. Ken was previously a journalist and assistant to Mark Tami MP.

In 2008, he was elected a community councillor. Ken’s policy interests include manufacturing, mental health, sport and leisure, eliminating poverty and political economy. His political interests include skills training, tourism, environmental protection, mental health, sport and fitness and social inclusion.

In June 2013 Ken Skates was appointed Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology. In September 2014, Ken was appointed Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism. In May 2016 he was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure.

Ken was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport on 3 November 2017. On 13 December 2018 Ken was appointed Minister for Economy and Transport.


  • Minister for North Wales and Chair of the Standing Committee for Cabinet on North Wales
  • Support and advice to assist the establishment, growth or development of business
  • Support for Inward Investment
  • Entrepreneurship, enterprise and business information
  • Development Bank of Wales
  • Community Bank
  • Economic Advisory Panels
  • Council for Economic Development and Social Partnership Strategy Group
  • Promotion of Wales as a location for Business and Investment
  • Cardiff, North Wales and Swansea Bay City Deals
  • Simplification and integration of business skills and business development services
  • Co-ordination of cross-cutting measures to promote prosperity and tackle poverty
  • Management of Welsh Government owned property assets relating to economic development
  • Transport for Wales
  • Transport policy
  • Roads, including construction, improvement and maintenance of motorways and trunk roads
  • Rail services through the Wales and Borders franchise
  • Ports policy
  • Careers Policy and the sponsorship of Careers Choices Dewis Gyrfa (CCDG)
  • Apprenticeship policy and delivery
  • Youth and adult employability policy and delivery, including Jobs Growth Wales, Essential Skills for Working Adults and the Skills Gateway
  • Work-based learning providers
  • Sector skills including strategies, and development funds Wales Employment and Skills Board
  • Workforce skills development, including the Wales Union Learning Fund core funding for Wales, TUC education and learning services
  • European programmes relating to skills and employment, except the EU Structural Funds
  • Regional Skills Partnership
  • National Occupational Standards
  • Maintaining a modern regulatory framework that supports responsible business practices, growth and competitiveness.
  • Foundational economy
  • Better Jobs Closer to Home
  • Living Wage
  • Social Enterprise and the social economy
  • Co-operative economy
  • Cross-Government Digital Policy and Strategy
  • Digital connectivity infrastructure, including Public Sector Broadband Aggregation, fast broadband and mobile
  • Business Exploitation of Digital Infrastructure and AI
  • Active travel
  • Road safety; safer routes to schools; transport for children and young people; regulation of pedestrian crossings and on-street parking
  • The Valleys Taskforce and Programme
  • The Tech Valleys Project
  • Strategic Communications

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