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How to Complete Desk Instructions for Grazing Associations for Options 1a (Standard Stocking) and 1b (Flexible Stocking)


Stocking Diary for the Calendar & Scheme Year 2022

It is a Glastir Commons Scheme requirement to complete and return a daily stocking diary, covering the full 12 months of the previous year (this will be 2022).

Using the templates provided will assist Welsh Government officials too accurately, and more efficiently, validate the diary.

This diary is required to be completed and submitted for every year of the Glastir Commons Contract.

The diary must be returned to Welsh Government by 14 January 2023.

Tabs Explained

Total (Grazing Association) – this tab totals all the animals and calculates the Livestock Units (LUs) for every day in the calendar year. The tab also adds up the information entered into Grazier 1, Grazier 2 etc. and displays for the relevant date and type of animal.

List of Graziers – this tab displays all the graziers on the common. Please complete all the information under the titles. There is also a ‘Jump to Graziers Page’ drop down available at the top of the screen. You can select this drop down and jump to a specific grazier tab.

Grazier 1, Grazier 2 etc. – This is where each individual grazier will record their stock movement for the whole year. This information is gathered and feeds into the total tab.

How to Complete

Total (Grazing Association)

Please enter the following information in the ‘Total (Grazing Association)’ tab at the top of the screen:

  • Trading title of your Grazing Association
  • Year (this should display as 2022)
List of Graziers

Please complete all the details required as titled within this tab.

Grazier 1, 2, 3 etc.

The Grazier 1, 2, 3 etc. tabs must be completed in order to calculate the total LU’s on the land at any day within the calendar year. At the top of the screen please enter the name of the grazier plus the Trading Title and CRN.

Date of Stocking – under this column please enter the date in which the stocking levels have changed. Records should show the animals on the common at the point of midnight.

For example, on the morning 1 August there are 100 yearlings on the common. This then increases to 200 in the afternoon, 200 should be the number recorded for that day.
Please enter the number of animals in each column, being vigilant to ensure the correct column is used, as this could create a penalty for over/under grazing the common. There may also be a penalty applied if the stocking diary is not maintained correctly.

The diary will convert the animal numbers into LU’s – the Grazier/Grazing Association doesn’t need to make the conversion into LU’s.

Please ensure all details are recorded correctly before submitting to the Welsh Government for validation.

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