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We are seeking views on the development of the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS).

How to respond

Consultation ends:
17 June 2022
Consultation launched:

Consultation description

In this consultation the UK ETS Authority – made up of the Welsh Government, UK Government, Scottish Government, and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland – is seeking stakeholder views on proposals to develop the UK ETS.


This consultation will be of particular interest to:

  • individual companies,
  • representatives of industrial, power and aviation sectors

with obligations under the UK ETS and environmental groups.

It will also be of interest to individual companies and representatives of

  • maritime,
  • waste,
  • greenhouse gas removals and
  • agricultural sectors.

This consultation is not limited to these stakeholders; any organisation or individual is welcome to respond. 

This consultation relates to proposals to develop the UK ETS, which operates across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is a joint consultation, published by the UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs for Northern Ireland.

This consultation is being held on GOV.UK