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His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, 10 June 1921 to 9 April 2021

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Children's rights: Information for children

Understanding your rights

Children and young people have rights, no matter who you are, where you live or what you believe in

The United Nations convention on the rights of the child (UNCRC) is a list of rights that all children and young people have, wherever they live in the world. Anyone who is 18 or under has the right to be safe, to play, to have an education, to be healthy and to be happy.

The UNCRC has 4 main principles:

  • non-discrimination
  • best interests of the child
  • the right to life, survival and development
  • the views of the child

Wales has its own government that works to improve the lives of people in Wales and make it a better place to live and work. Welsh Government always thinks about children’s rights when making laws and policies.

It is important that you know your rights and that you are involved when decisions are made that affect you. You can get involved and participate through your school council.

What to do if you’re not getting all of your rights

If you think that you're not getting all of your rights, you can get in touch with the Children's Commissioner for Wales on the Children's Commissioner for Wales website.

Children & young people’s freephone

Telephone: 0808 801 1000

You can also text 80800 and start your message with COM.

Teaching resources

Resources for teachers and professionals in the field of childcare and teaching.