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Explaining the nature, causes and signs of youth homelessness, especially hidden homelessness. 

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19 December 2019
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We are working with Shelter Cymru and other organisations to help prevent youth homelessness. We want to:

  • increase awareness and understanding of youth homelessness
  • challenge attitudes and the myths and misunderstandings about it
  • encourage young people to access the help they need through a national independent housing advice and support line


Many young people who are homeless or at risk do not recognise themselves as homeless. For example, they are sofa surfing or staying with family and friends. This is often described as ‘hidden homelessness’.

Common signs which could mean a young person is homeless or at risk include:

  • having difficulties with their relationships with their parents and close family members
  • reluctance to go home and spending lots of their time in public places that offer shelter and wifi. For example train stations and cafes, staying late at their education setting or jobs
  • keeping belongings with them and problems with keeping clothes clean

We fund Shelter Cymru to provide this independent advice and support line. They work with other third sector organisations and public services to link people with support according to their needs.

Getting help

Shelter Cymru’s Housing Advice Helpline can give you independent advice and information. Call 08000 495 495

Or visit Shelter Cymru for more information.