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The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) is the new tax authority for Wales.

The WRA collects and manages 2 devolved Welsh taxes on behalf of Welsh Government. This includes Land Transaction Tax and Landfill Disposals Tax.

These new taxes replaced Stamp Duty Land Tax and Landfill Tax in Wales from April 2018. The new taxes were designed and made in Wales, to meet the needs of Wales.

The revenue raised will help support Welsh public services. The revenue is estimated to total more than £1 billion over 4 years.

A new approach to tax in Wales

We're committed to supporting the process of delivering a fair tax system for Wales by introducing a new Welsh way of doing tax. We have called this ‘Our Approach’.

‘Our Approach’ involves working in partnership to administer taxes efficiently and effectively. We will work with taxpayers and their representatives, membership bodies and the public.

‘Our Approach’ consists of 3 Welsh terms: ‘Cydweithio’, ‘Cadarnhau’ and ‘Cywiro’. It's inspired by ‘Our Charter’, which includes 8 shared beliefs, values and responsibilities.

The service we deliver

We provide a bilingual, digital-first tax administration to meet the needs of people across Wales.

Our specialists provide expert advice to Welsh Ministers on tax devolution and administration. We also work with Natural Resources Wales to support the collection and management of Landfill Disposals Tax.

Our specialists

The WRA is a small and specialist organisation. It consists of a range of specialists from across a wide range of professions. This includes expertise in tax through to data and digital services.

Our specialists support and reassure taxpayers throughout the tax administration process. They work in partnership with you to ensure the right amount of tax is paid at the right time.