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How to authorise an agent or trusted helper to act on your behalf in regard to your tax affairs with the Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA).

First published:
1 March 2018
Last updated:

1. What this authority means

You are able to authorise an agent (e.g. solicitor or accountant) or a ‘trusted helper’ (e.g. friend or family member) to act on your behalf in regard to all or part of your tax affairs with WRA. If you are currently acting under power of attorney please contact the WRA.

Use this authorisation form if you want the WRA to deal with your agent or trusted helper on matters within the responsibility of the WRA as specified on this form. Providing this authority will allow the WRA to exchange and disclose information relating to your tax affairs with your agent or trusted helper, for example to:

  • discuss your tax affairs with WRA or request a tax opinion on your behalf
  • represent you during a tax enquiry, review or appeal
  • request information about your tax affairs
  • make a complaint on your behalf

The WRA will hold this authority until you tell us that the details have changed. If you authorise an agent or trusted helper to act on your behalf, the WRA will deal with that person in relation to your affairs specified in this form, including sending all correspondence to them and receiving communications from them on your behalf. We may also send copies of correspondence to you for information. If the WRA needs to write to you directly, for example to issue a formal notice or decision, we will send a copy to your agent or trusted adviser. We tell you when we do this.

If you have more than one agent or trusted helper please sign one of these forms for each and clearly explain which parts of your tax affairs the agent is responsible for.

2. How we use your information

Further information on how the information you have provided will be used by WRA see the Welsh Revenue Authority privacy notice.