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Welsh-language technology and digital media action plan

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This is the Minister for Education and Skills’ action plan for the Welsh-language Technology and Digital Media, prepared in accordance with Section 78 of the Government of Wales Act 2006.

It is important that speakers can access technology which supports and facilitates the use of Welsh in every aspect of life. To achieve this, the Welsh Government has developed an action plan with the aim of ensuring that there are more resources available to support the use of Welsh in the digital environment.

The action plan sets out the Welsh Government’s commitment to drive developments in the field of Welsh-language technology and digital media. Our aims are:  

  • to increase the use of Welsh language software, online services, content creation tools and digital content
  • more products and services provided by the main technology companies available in Welsh
  • third party Welsh language digital content available and easily accessible via the distribution channels of the main technology companies
  • more Welsh language content available and used online, including blogs, videos, social networking websites and local news
  • more Welsh speakers using digital Welsh language productivity tools in the workplace
  • an increase in the use of public services available digitally through the medium of Welsh.

Welsh-language technology and digital media fund

The Welsh Government has also launched a Welsh-language Technology and Digital Media Fund to support the implementation of the action plan.

The Fund will include:

  • a procurement programme: 
    a series of procurement exercises to help deliver the action points set out in the Welsh-language Technology and Digital Media plan
  • a grant scheme
    to award grants on an annual basis. The scheme will focus on funding new Welsh-medium software applications, infrastructure projects to support the development of Welsh language digital services – and initiatives to raise awareness of Welsh language technology and digital content.