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Welsh language technology action plan

This is the Minister for Welsh Language and Lifelong Learning’s action plan for Welsh-language technology, prepared in accordance with Section 61(k) and 58 of the Government of Wales Act 2006.

Cymraeg 2050 notes the importance of technology for the future of the Welsh language, and the necessity for technology to support Welsh, for the language to be used in as many situations as possible.

Very few of us, particularly children and young people, do not have a daily connection with technology. This Action Plan recognises technology as a priority area to be addressed in order to ensure a place for Welsh in our future lives. 

We have identified three specific areas to be addressed by the plan:

  1. Welsh Language Speech Technology 
  2. Computer-assisted translation
  3. Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Welsh language technology action plan (pdf 3.5MB)

Here’s a link to an archived copy of the former 2013 Welsh - language technology and digital media action plan.