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Y Gynhadledd Fawr - Have your say

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This action plan sets out how we will implement the proposals set out in the Welsh language strategy, A living language: a language for living, for 2013 to 2014
The First Minister: Urdd 2013
A conversation about the future of the Welsh language.

In response to the 2011 Census figures, we engaged with the public in a national conservation around the future of the Welsh language. We were looking to find practical ideas to increase the use of the Welsh language and see it thriving in Wales.

The conversation has now closed, thank you for all your contributions. A final report is being produced and will be available online in due course.

Y Gynhadledd Fawr

Thanks you for all your contributions to 'Y Gynhadledd Fawr' on the 4 July 2013

To view highlights of the conference visit the Iaith Fyw website (external link).