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Review of Mentrau Iaith and Aman Tawe report

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In March 2013, Cardiff University was commissioned by the Welsh Government to conduct this independent review.

It was commissioned as part of the Welsh Language Strategy: a living language: a language for living’s commitment to strengthen the Welsh language in the community.

The aim of the independent Review was to prepare a report for the Welsh Government on a number of matters, including:

  • the methods used by the organisations to promote and facilitate the use of Welsh
  • identifying the whole range of activities conducted by the organisations - and assessing
  • to what extent they reflect local needs, and to what extent the organisations
  • collect data effectively in order to assess the impact of activities;1do the organisations’ structures ensure effective working, partnership working and
  • sharing of good practice
  • the potential to further develop the role of the Mentrau
  • are the Mentrau doing work that should be done by others (such as local authorities)
  • is the level of funding provided by the Welsh Government appropriate.

The Welsh Government will respond to the review in due course.

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