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Iaith Pawb - A National Action Plan for a Bilingual Wales

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This is the sixth annual report on the Welsh Assembly Government's performance against the commitments contained in Iaith Pawb and the Welsh Assembly Government's Welsh Language Scheme.
How we are working towards a bilingual Wales.
This is the Welsh Language Scheme for the Welsh Assembly Government.
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Iaith Pawb - A National Action Plan for a Bilingual Wales
National Action Plan which sets out a vigorous strategy to ensure that the Welsh Language is not only supported but also has the right environment to flourish.

The purpose of this Action Plan is to provide that national strategic framework.

In the Action Plan, the Assembly Government makes a public declaration of what we want to achieve for the Welsh language, what we shall do to achieve our goal and what we want and expect our partners to do to support us.

In each section we list the initiatives which we and our partners are taking forward which will support the national strategy and we make clear which body is responsible and accountable for that activity.