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Welsh Language Commissioner

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The Welsh Language Board was abolished on 1 April 2012 as a result of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011.

The Board’s duties have been divided between the Welsh Language Commissioner and the Welsh Government.

Under the new arrangements, the Welsh Language Commissioner will:

  • focus on the new regulatory system, including developing and setting standards, developing codes of practice and establishing a new enforcement regime, while continuing to operate the Welsh language scheme system in the meantime
  • monitor the performance of bodies in accordance with the duties imposed on them
  • deal with complaints from members of the public about failure to comply with standards
  • advise and promote good practice among private and third sector organisations that fall outside the scope of statutory duties under the Welsh Language Measure (external link)
  • provide research and a statistical basis to support the Commissioner’s five year reports on the position of the Welsh language/conduct inquiries into any matter of interest to the language
  • advise the Welsh Government and others on language policy and related issues
  • provide independent scrutiny of Welsh Government policies and respond to consultation documents
  • develop the infrastructure to help others with their delivery of Welsh language services (e.g. in relation to terminology and translation)
  • deal with applications in relation to alleged interference with the freedom of individuals to use Welsh with one another.

For more information you can visit the Welsh Language Commissioner’s website (external link).