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New Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Panel Established

Our new Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Panel recently met for the first time.

Membership of the group includes representatives from the Welsh Government, Network Rail, CITB, Constructing Excellence Wales and Wales Council for Voluntary Action as well as Transport for Wales (TfW). The role of the panel will be to address the wider opportunities and risks surrounding the Wales and Borders Rail Service and Metro procurement. These include supply chain requirements, skills requirements, environmental considerations and cultural issues in line with the Well-being of Future Generations Act. More information about the panel, its role and the membership.

Transport for Wales – Sustainable and Ethical procurement panel


  • Gordon Brown, Constructing Excellence Wales 
  • Donna Griffiths, CITB
  • Richard Harris, WG SHELL
  • James Jackson, Network Rail
  • Gunther Kostyra, TfW 
  • Sue Moffatt, WG Commercial
  • Rhys Morris, WG Business Wales
  • Dylan Roberts, WG Transport
  • Marion Stapleton, WG ESNR
  • a representative from Wales Council for Voluntary Action

Purpose of the Panel

The Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Advisory Panel will: 

  • advise TfW on actions to take
  • advise on support available
  • pull together funded support available from Welsh Government and others, which can be positively promoted to suppliers, helping mitigate any costs involved with delivering sustainability and ethics.
  • compare TfW’s approach with other examples of good practice within Wales (through CEW, NPS, VW etc.) and outside Wales (e.g. Crossrail) with a view to learning from them and applying the lessons
  • make the procurement of the rail service and Metro an exemplar, identifying the actions that have taken place at key stages of the project so that this learning can be adopted on other procurements
  • measure the social, economic, environmental and cultural outcomes of the capital invested using appropriate measurement tools, as well as supporting the Better Jobs Closer to Home programme. 


Supply Chain

Business Wales will commission research through the Knowledge and Analytical Service (KAS), using a variety of databases to identify a potential rail supply chain in Wales, who could be targeted for Welsh Government support.

Network Rail will provide information on work they have undertaken on local sourcing to support this work. 

Social enterprises and other not for profit organisations are being encouraged to look at opportunities in the supply chain.

A supply chain event took place on 23rd November at the Waterton Centre Bridgend with over 100 attendees.  Further sessions in other parts of Wales will follow in the new year.

Sessions for the 4 shortlisted bidders will also be run in the new year, detailing the support Welsh Government can provide.

TfW will be speaking at events run by Social Business Wales in December aimed at encouraging social enterprises and not for profit organisations to look at the opportunities.  These events are on 6th (Carmarthen), 7th (Merthyr) and 8th (Llanwrst).

Labour and skills analysis

The panel agreed a proposal from CITB to undertake a labour and skills analysis to forecast the type of skills needed.  This is in line with other projects being undertaken in Wales such as Tidal Lagoon.  This work will also look at potential competing projects in England, such as Hinkley Point and Crossrail, and this data will feed the Regional Skills Partnerships and inform provision in HE/FE, ensuring that people were provided with the right skills for these jobs.

Work is progressing on the memorandum of agreement between Welsh Government and Network Rail on a National Rail Training Academy. The panel agreed that any such facility should build on existing initiatives.