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Associated reporting

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We have produced a number of reports to inform decision making on the project.

This includes the results of various assessments that we have undertaken.

  • Stage 3 scheme assessment report: which provides an overview of the proposed scheme
  • Sustainable development report: which describes how the proposed scheme aligns to our sustainable development principles
  • Economic assessment report: which considers the likely costs and benefits of the scheme, providing calculations of value for money
  • Wider economic impact assessment report: which considers the likely impacts of the proposed scheme on the economy, during its construction and operation 
  • Non-motorised users context report: which describes the existing situation for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians, and considers how the scheme can make provisions should be made as part of the scheme 
  • Traffic forecasting report: which forecasts the traffic for different future scenarios
  • Local model validation report: which shows current travel conditions, and is the basis for undertaking traffic forecasting and economic assessment