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Road verge maintenance

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We maintain approximately 3,100 hectares of road verges.

When you’re travelling along our trunk roads you may see our agents and their contractors maintaining the verges.

The safety of road users is paramount when we carry out maintenance.

What road verges are for

Road verges fulfil a variety of purposes, depending on their location. These include:

  • providing a safe place for road users away from the carriageway
  • preventing flooding of the road or surrounding areas
  • preventing water-based pollution being released into the wider environment
  • integrating the road into the surrounding countryside or townscape
  • screening the road or traffic from residential areas or sensitive landscapes
  • providing a varied and interesting landscape for road users
  • providing habitats which support wildlife
  • preserving historic features such as milestones and waymarkers
  • providing space for highway related equipment
  • carrying utility cables or pipelines.

What maintenance involves

We carry out the following activities:

  • cutting vegetation such as grass and scrub for safety reasons
  • inspection and management of trees and shrubs to maintain safety
  • inspection and maintenance of fences
  • maintenance of drains and water storage areas
  • removal of invasive weeds to stop them spreading in the verge or to surrounding areas of land
  • removal of vegetation to maintain long distance views
  • removal and replanting of trees and shrubs to maintain and improve integration with the surrounding landscape
  • removal of vegetation to manage certain plant pests and diseases
  • management of vegetation to maintain and enhance the habitat for wildlife; or protect historic features.

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