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Land acquisition and compensation

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The land compensation code provides compensation for those affected  by development undertaken for the benefit of the community.

We  acquire and manage land for the trunk road motorway network in Wales. We are responsible for:

  • paying compensation to landowners affected by road construction and maintenance
  • managing programmes to insulate properties that qualify under the Noise Insulation Regulations (1975) against noise from road works and traffic.

Acquiring land

We acquire land for highway construction through compulsory purchase. Where we propose minor road schemes involving a small number of landowners, we can acquired land by agreement with the landowners.

When acquiring land we:

  • apply the relevant legislation and policy consistently and fairly
  • protect the rights of those affected as far as reasonably possible.

See the Land Acquisition page for further information

Compensation for acquisition of land

If we need to acquire your home, we will pay you the full market value as if the scheme had not been proposed. You may also claim a "home loss payment" of 10% of the value, with a minimum amount of £5,300  and a maximum of £53,000.

If only a part of your land is acquired, you may receive compensation for disturbance (reduced enjoyment of your rights over your land) and depreciation in the value of your remaining land (injurious affection).

Land and property management

Any property or land that we acquire for trunk road and motorway schemes,  or that are surplus to these requirements, are managed by the Welsh Government. We look after a range of residential properties, commercial and agricultural businesses, and other areas of land. These are mainly let.


If we do not require land or property, or if it remains unused after completion of improvement work, we sell it. On average we dispose of approximately 20 properties or pieces of land annually.