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Street Works Guidance

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Street Works refers to the controls and legislation covering works by utility companies on the highways in Wales.

We use the following primary legislation:

  • New Roads and Street Works Act 1991
  • Traffic Management Act 2004.

In addition there are several Statutory Instruments that enact specific regulations within Wales.

We work with Welsh Highway Authorities and Utilities Committees (WHAUC) (external link) to deliver street works within Wales.

National Approach for Road and Street Works in Wales

Utility companies have a statutory right and highways authorities have a duty to conduct work on roads. However, we need to make sure there are controls in place to ensure they carry out the work correctly.

The National Approach for Road and Street Works in Wales sets out how companies should manage road and street works. This will enable essential maintenance and improvement work to services and infrastructure with minimal delays to the public and businesses.

This approach aims to improve the management of these works on the trunk road network in the following 5 areas:
  • planning, co-ordinating and implementing road and street works
  • delivery of major projects
  • communication with the public and business
  • skills and training
  • encouraging co-operation and continuous improvement within the street works community.

Reviewing street works legislation

The Department for Transport periodically reviews street works legislation. We review legislation and codes of practice developed by the Department for Transport, with Welsh HAUC providing advice to ensure that these are fit for purpose in Wales.

The National approach for road and street works in Wales provides a reference point for reviewing changes proposed in England and a benchmark for taking forward legislation in Wales to ensure it is fit for purpose.

The strategy does not seek to penalise or inhibit the utility industry, but maintains our commitment to working with them through Welsh HAUC.

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