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Speed limits and enforcement

The content of this page is not being updated. Get up to date information on setting local speed limits at

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We provide funding to local authorities to improve how easy it is for people to travel around their communities.
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We are committed to improve safety of our roads by ensuring that speed limits are appropriate and adhered to.

While there are national speed limits for specific types of roads, these are not always appropriate and so local authorities can set local speed limits. These should be evidence based. National speed limits are not devolved to Wales.

The ‘Guidelines for setting local speed limits in Wales’ is used by local authorities when assessing speed limits for local roads.  It brings together other published guidance on speed limits, including speed related road traffic regulation and signing, street lighting, and speed limits in rural communities, as well as the 20mph speed limits.

We co-fund the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership to enforce speed limits and other offences by using fixed and mobile traffic cameras.  Find out more on the GoSafe website (external link).

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