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Parking and road offences

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Most local authorities have adopted civil enforcement powers (CPE) for certain road traffic offences.

While the police take enforcement action against most offences on the roads, most local authorities have applied to adopt the powers to enforce parking offences, and some for bus lane and certain moving traffic offences. This means that local authorities can take action against you for committing these offences – this would be as a civil - rather than a criminal - offence.

The police continue to have responsibility for enforcing:

  • offences that result in points on your licence
  • most types of moving traffic offences
  • taking action against vehicles where security or other traffic policing issues are involved.

If you are given a ticket by both the police (criminal) and a local authority (civil) for the same offence, the prosecution by the police will take precedence and the civil ticket (Penalty Charge Notice) issued by the local authority will be cancelled. If the PCN issued by the local authority has been paid, then the money will be refunded.

The powers of each local authority

Local authorities must apply to Welsh Ministers to request to take over enforcement powers from the police for parking, bus lane and some moving traffic offences. You can download a list of local authorities and the powers they have been granted below.

CCTV and recording equipment

Local authorities may use CCTV or recording equipment to aid in enforcement of parking and road offences. In order to do so, they must apply to Welsh ministers for their equipment and systems to be certified as an “approved devices”.

Blue badge holders

If you are a Blue Badge holder you are permitted to park in places that non-Blue Badge holders cannot. However, it is not a freedom to park anywhere. Like other road users, you must obey the rules of the road, as laid out in the Highway Code.

You should check the “Where can I park?” section of the Rights and Responsibilities booklet which accompanied your Blue Badge to confirm where you must not park. This can be downloaded from our Blue Badge page.

The scheme does not apply on private roads and in off-street car parks. However, some operators may provide spaces for disabled people. You should check the signs to see what concessions are available, and whether badge holders have to pay.


If you believe you have been given a penalty ticket unfairly, instructions on how to appeal can be found on the back of the ticket. If your appeal is rejected, and you would like to take it further then you can apply to either the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (external link) for parking, bus lane and moving traffic offences, or POPLA (external link) for private parking offences.  Both organisations provide details of how to appeal and what they will consider on their websites.


For more advice on parking, visit the British Parking Association website (external link).

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