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Blue Badge Scheme

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The Blue Badge Scheme provides eligible people parking concessions to remove barriers to accessing services and facilities.

How to apply

You can apply either through your local authority or via the Blue Badge application form (external link) on the GOV.UK website.

To find out if you can apply, check out our easy eligibility checker below. Alternatively, you can download a list of the automatic and discretionary eligibility criteria.

Blue Badge holders

There are rules for how Blue Badges are used and how they must be displayed. If you are a badge holder you must comply with these rules. These are explained in the Guidance on Blue Badge user rights and responsibilities in Wales. When you apply for the badge, you will sign to accept the rules.

Badge holders must return their badges to their local authority when they expire. Badges must also be returned when the badge holder dies.

Administering the scheme

Local authorities are responsible for deciding who is eligible to be issued with a Blue Badge. Authorities need to read 'Blue Badge Scheme in Wales: Guidance to Local Authorities 2014' below for specific details.

Independent Advisory Service

An Independent Advisory Service has been commissioned to assist local authorities in processing applications for a badge that are difficult to determine. The service is delivered by occupational therapists working throughout Wales.