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Voluntary Welsh Bus Quality Standard

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The Voluntary Welsh Bus Quality Standard is designed to help bus operators and local authorities work together to improve the quality of local bus services across Wales.

Purpose of the standard

We have developed the Voluntary Welsh Bus Quality Standard to:

  • ensure that the quality of local bus services is consistent and available throughout Wales
  • encourage local bus operators to improve the quality of the services they provide to passengers.  

What passengers can expect

We expect bus companies to achieve the following requirements by March 2017:

  • participate in our Young Persons’ Discounted Bus Fare Scheme  by offering a third off the price of the ticket for 16, 17 and 18 year olds;
  • operate vehicles that are compliant with the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 2000  and any associated legislation
  • ensure vehicles have working destination blinds that are clearly visible telling passengers about the destination and key stopping points along the route
  • clean buses inside and out ready for the first service each day
  • provide drivers and other on-board employees with a uniform
  • have a published passenger complaints policy.

Larger bus companies will be expected to operate audio-visual next stop bus announcements on newer buses.