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Welsh ports play a key role in connecting Wales.

We recognize ports in Wales as key partners in delivering the objectives in our Programme for Government ‘Taking Wales forward’.

Welsh ports represent a unique driving force for improving economic wealth and growing jobs at a national, regional and local level. They promote economic growth and job opportunities and ensure Wales is internationally and sustainably connected for both the transport of people and goods.  

They can also improve the sustainable co-location of: 

  • commercial, 
  • industrial, 
  • logistic, 
  • tourist and 
  • fishing activities.  
Policy and regulation of most ports in Wales is currently the responsibility of the UK Government. This is scheduled to be devolved to the Welsh Ministers from April 2018.

Welsh Ports Group

The Welsh Ports Group is the only forum representing the views of this  sector in Wales. Coordinated by the British Ports Association and the UK Major Ports Group, it holds regular meetings with the Welsh Government and key decision makers across the planning, transport and maritime sectors.