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Cardiff Airport

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Enterprise Zones offer specific incentives to attract new business to prime locations in Wales using a tailor-made Welsh solution.
Cardiff airport
We purchased Cardiff Airport in Spring 2013.

We did this as we believe it will benefit Wales as a whole, providing a base for tourism and economic development, in the coming years and in to the future.

The airport is operated at arms length by Cardiff International Airport Ltd (CIAL) on our behalf. CIAL are responsible for all of the airport activities, including operation, route development and improvement of facilities at the airport. For information on operational matters at Cardiff Airport please contact Cardiff Airport.

Our key priorities for the airport are to:

  • operate to a high standard providing the best experience for passengers and airlines
  • create an environment to encourage growth of airlines and commercial partners
  • maximise the opportunity for the benefit of Wales, economy and business
  • manage environmental impact of the airport operation
  • achieve financial stability and operation of the airport
  • improve connectivity to Wales
  • Support the St Athan – Cardiff Enterprise Zone

Potential investors in Wales want to see a thriving international airport for Wales. This will help us attract more business, inward investment and tourism.

In February 2013 the Airports Commission asked stakeholders to submit evidence to help them come up with options on the short and medium term use of UK airports. We suggested that Cardiff Airport should be viewed as one of the most promising in the UK. For more information you can read their summary of proposals for making best use of existing airport capacity in the short and medium term.