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Air service between Anglesey and Cardiff

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Two reports have been undertaken on the Intra Wales Air Service.

We fund an air service between Anglesey and Cardiff.

We established the service in 2007 as we are committed to improving transport links between north and south Wales. The service supports the economic development of north-west Wales and contributes to economic, social and political integration in Wales.

The total number of passenger journeys between April 2016 and March 2017 recorded by the operators of the service was 10,039. The figure reported by the CAA for the same period was 7,338.

We continue to work with the operator and Cardiff and Anglesey Airports to identify any discrepancies.

We are currently undertaking a review of the Intra Wales Air Service to understand more about passenger demand and to look for opportunities to do things differently.

About the service

Eastern Airways currently operates the service, which involves 2 return flights every weekday: 1 in the morning and 1 in the late afternoon.

You can find out about flight times and availability, and book tickets at (external link) or by phoning 08703 669100.