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Superfast public sector broadband aggregation

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Improving public services is of fundamental importance to the future of Wales.
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Public sector broadband aggregation (PSBA) invests in ICT and broadband infrastrcture to deliver digital services to our citizens via a secure, fast and reliable communications network, supporting continuous improvement and collaboration across public services in Wales.

What is PSBA

PSBA is a managed network which connects public serivces in Wales, providing a secure environment for public service user only. Users span a variety of public service organisations including: local authorities, health service, schools, further and higher education and emergency services.

The network supports a partnership of public service organisations across Wales by providing a mechanism to aggregate demand for and collaborative purchasing of, wide area network services.

The PSBA network contract was awarded to BT in October 2014.

Who uses the network

Public service organisations in Wales are connected to the network and benefit from secure, faster network connections and collaborative cost savings. The project connects over 80 organisations covering over 4000 network connections.

Why have a public services network

The network ensures secure information sharing across sectors, enabling services to be effectively managed and delivered for the citizens of Wales. Sharing a single network has stimulated a collaborative approach and closer public service integration. The network provides a common foundation for achieving scale benefits, which each individual organisation or sector could not achieve alone.

The network contract focusses on driving down costs and increasing value for money for the benefit of the entire public services community.

Health organisations are being given greater bandwidth to support clinical image transfer. General growth in data traffic, and the use of new video techniques and technologies over the network has a positive impact on patient experiences. NHS Wales has all its GP practices and surgeries connected, enabling greater collaboration and ease of data sharing, meaning more efficient services for the citizens of Wales.

Universities and colleges across Wales have the leading edge and reliable services they need to deliver educationa cross the whole of Wales and to play their part in solving today's largest research challenges.

Fire and rescue services are able to operate effectively under pressure, supporting quicker response times and electronically linking with other blue light services in Wales so requests for assistance between police, fire and ambulance can be handled electronically.

Schools have enhanced internet connectivity, facilitation access to Hwb, the all Wales virtual learning environment. Hwb enables learners and teachers to access online resources anywhere, at any time, from any device. It also provides tools to help teachers and learners create and share their own resources and to support collaboration.


For any queries or further information about PSBA, please telephone 02920 823190 or email - or visit (external link).