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Technical Advice Note (TAN) 21: Waste (2014)

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This TAN provides guidance on the role of land use planning in the management and control of waste.

The document explains the interactions between the national waste strategy, particularly the Collections, Infrastructure and Markets (CIM) Sector Plan and national planning policy. 

It provides advice on the framework and principles for waste management in the planning system, strategic planning for waste, waste planning assessments and detailed planning considerations in this process.

Waste Planning Monitoring Reports

The Waste Planning Monitoring Reports are compiled by region. South east Wales and north Wales are produced by Flintshire County Council, and south west Wales are produced by Carmarthenshire County Council.

The reports are in line with the revised Technical Advice Note (TAN) 21: Waste (2014), which requires each of the three regions in Wales to prepare an annual monitoring report for waste.

Information on the waste situation within the region is required in order to monitor the region’s waste arisings, recovery and disposal and in order to make forecasts of future arisings.