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Policy Clarification Letters 2010

Policy Clarification letters provide urgent clarification of policy or procedure issued by the Minister or Planning Division.

The content of policy clarification letters is incorporated into the Planning Policy Series of documents as soon as practicable.

Policy Clarification Letter (CL-03-10) - Design and Access Statements

Policy Clarification Letter (CL-03-10) - Design and Access Statements

This letter clarifies how the design and access statement process works.

Policy Clarification Letter (CL-02-2010): The Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010

This letter provides guidance on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations published 6 April 2010.

CL-01-2010 Local Development Plans– Sustainability Appraisal Procedure Incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment for Site Allocation Representations

This letter provides procedural advice to local planning authorities preparing local development plans.