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Policy Clarification Letters 2006

Policy Clarification letters provide urgent clarification of policy or procedure issued by the Minister or Planning Division.

The content of policy clarification letters is incorporated into the Planning Policy Series of documents as soon as practicable.

CL-10-06 Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2006: Interim guidance to local planning authorities

This guidance provides an explanation of the changes made to the 1999 EIA Regulations and of the new and expanded interpretations included in the 2006 Regulations.

CL-08-06 Regulations relating to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods: Land Use Planning Implications

This letter highlights the potential planning implications of the regulations applying to the carriage of dangerous goods.

CL-09-06 TAN 15 Development and Flood Risk: Role of Environment Agency Wales

The role of EAW is to make available data and expertise to assist developers in undertaking flood consequences assessment and advising on mitigation.

CL-06-06 The operation of The Conduct of Members (Model Code of Conduct) (Wales) Order 2001 with relation to land use planning

This clarfication letter provides guidance for Members of local authorities about their role in undertaking their land use planning responsibilities.

CL-07-06 Digital Switchover – Information for Planning Services

This letter explains more about the digital switchover and its potential implications for the planning services.

CL-05-06 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Interim guidance on screening applications for EIA at reserved matters stage

Interim guidance for local planning authorities on considering the need for Environmental Impact Assessment.

CL-01-06 Member Briefing and Decision Making

The Committee of Standards in Public Life recommended that "all members of an authority's planning committee should receive training in the planning system.

CL-04-06 Address For Environmental Statements Deposited with The National Assembly for Wales under The Town And Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England And Wales) Regulations 1999

This letter provides advice to ensure that environmental statements deposited with the Welsh Assembly Government are correctly addressed.

CL-03-06 The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (Wales) Order 2006 : Revised Part 1·H and 25 Permitted Development Rights

This letter is to alert you to new amending secondary legislation which revises the current permitted development rights.