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Policy Clarification Letters 2003

Policy Clarification letters provide urgent clarification of policy or procedure issued by the Minister or Planning Division.

The content of policy clarification letters is incorporated into the Planning Policy Series of documents as soon as practicable.

CL-08-03 Planning Issues and Childminders

The Assembly encourages local planning authorities to enter into pre application discussions.

CL-07-03 Unitary Development Plan: New and emerging national policy and technical advice

This statement provides further clarification in relation to when new and emerging national planning policy should be taken into account by a local planning authority.

CL-06-03 Code of Conduct for Members of Planning Committees

The Assembly Government has responsibility for setting the policy and procedural framework within which we all operate.

CL-05-03 Model Code of Conduct for Planning Committee Members

The Welsh Assembly Government consulted last year on draft guidance on the new Ethical Framework, introduced by Part 111 of the Local Government Act 2000.

CL-03-03 Mobile Phone Operators' 10 Commitments

Letter to local planning authorities about mobile phone operators' 10 commitments.