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Information Report: List of statutory and non-statutory consultees

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The research study examines the barriers to the efficient delivery of timely planning decisions and identifies good practice.
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This report provides a useful summary of national requirements on local planning authorities to consult when considering a planning application.

The Information Report explains when a local planning authority needs to consult when considering a planning application. Consultation is either statutory (where there is a legal requirement to consult) or non-statutory (where we advise consultation).

This report was informed by consultation. Its scope is limited to existing national consultees in the planning application process and it does not contain any new policy. It also does not cover locally defined consultation undertaken by local planning authorities, sources of information and advice or consultation required under related non-planning legislation.

We produced this report as part of our response to the Study to Examine the Planning Application Process in Wales (June 2010). The report will be used to inform a review of consultation arrangements in the planning application process.