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Generating Your Own Renewable Energy: A Planning Guide

The content of this page is not being updated. Get up to date information on planning permission: generating your own energy at

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We want to reduce CO2 emissions in Wales. We are looking to produce more of our energy from renewable and low carbon energy sources.
Download our guide on climate change and home improvements.
Climate change is the way the world's climate is changing as a result of the level of gases in the atmosphere.
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These leaflets can help householders, communities and businesses who want to generate their own renewable energy.

They provide information on what should be considered when installing a renewable energy technology, planning regulations and ways that any impacts can be reduced.

Climate change is happening now. It is one of the biggest challenges facing the world – and one that requires concerted action by us all. Wales has set an ambitious target to reduce emissions by 3% per year. This can only happen if everyone – government at all levels, people, communities and organisations – play their part.

Thinking about generating your own energy through small and local scale renewable technologies?

Generating renewable energy can help reduce your carbon footprint. It can help homes, communities and businesses make their energy supply more secure and help you save on energy bills.