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Planning Policy Wales (Edition 3, 2010) – Amendments to Rural Planning Policy

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This TAN provides guidance on how the planning system can support sustainable rural communities.
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Planning Policy Wales (PPW) (Edition 3, 2010) introduces changes to rural planning policy. A revised version of Technical Advice Note 6 Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities has also been published.

One Wales: A Progressive Agenda for Wales set out a number of commitments, which included:

  • increasing the supply of affordable housing;
  • extending the scope of essential dwellings; and
  • helping new entrants to farming.  

These have been central to the revision of rural planning policy and advice, and support our objective of helping deliver sustainable rural communities through the planning system.

This letter summarises changes found in PPW chapters:

  • 4 Planning for Sustainability;
  • 7 Supporting the Economy; and
  • 9 Housing.  

The policy and advice came in to effect on 20 July 2010.

Planning Policy Wales (Edition 2) (June 2010) and Technical Advice Note 6 – Agricultural and Rural Development (2000) have been cancelled.