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Publication of Planning Policy Wales (Edition 7, July 2014) and Guidance on Sustainable Buildings

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This TAN provides guidance on how good design should be achieved through the planning process.
Practice guidance for local planning authorities and developers on planning for sustainable buildings.
The Building Regulations 2010 cover the construction of new buildings and the alteration or extension of an existing building.
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This letter introduces the changes to Planning Policy Wales and guidance on sustainable buildings published in July 2014.

With changes to Part L (relating to energy efficiency) of the Building Regulations coming into force, the national planning policy requirement for sustainable building standards has been withdrawn from Planning Policy Wales and Technical Advice Note (TAN) 22: Planning for Sustainable Buildings has been cancelled.

TAN 12: Design has been amended to include key elements of the guidance on sustainable buildings contained in TAN 22. In particular, information on the energy hierarchy; allowable solutions; and sustainable building policies on strategic sites in local development plans.

Practice guidance has been produced to advise developers on integrating sustainable building design principles into their proposals and to local planning authorities on assessing local development plan strategic sites.