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Welsh Office Circulars

Welsh Office Circulars were issued (sometimes jointly with other Government Departments) between 1965 and 1999. Some of these, on land use planning, remain in force (partly in cases) in Wales.

The circulars or parts of them that are still in force are listed below.

11/99: Environmental Impact Assessment

This circular cancels Welsh Office Circulars 23/88, 20/94, 12/95 and 39/95; also Planning Guidance (Wales) Technical Advice Note (Wales) 17.

17/98: Planning for Future Prison Development

This circular sets out advice to local planning authorities on the need to make adequate provision through the planning system for new prison developments.

24/97: Enforcing Planning Control: Legislative Provisions and Procedural Requirements

This circular brings together and updates earlier guidance. Annex 7 was cancelled by the Memorandum on the Crown application of the Planning Acts.

13/97: Planning Obligations

This circular cancels Welsh Office Circulars 53/91 and 66/92. It sets out policy for the use of planning obligations.

47/96: Recovery of Costs for Public Path and Railway Crossing Orders - Amendment Regulations

This circular supersedes and revises some guidance contained in Welsh Office Circular 6/93.

31/95: Planning Controls over Demolition

This circular provides revised guidance on planning controls over the demolition of certain buildings. The guidance reflects changes in scope of "development" and new permitted development rights for the demolition of gates, fences and walls etc.

29/95: General Development Order Consolidation 1995

This circular provides guidance on the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 and Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995.

70/94: Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (Amendment) Regulations 1994

This circular describes the changes to the 1992 Regulations. The changes include "deemed consent" provisions, and minor changes to the definition of "statutory undertaker" and to the description of election notice advertisements.

26/94: Environmental Protection Act 1990: Part II, Waste Management Licensing, The Framework Directive on Waste

This circular advises on the interpretation of the EC Waste Framework Directive and its implementation through the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994.

61/93: Town and Country Planning (Shopping Development) (England and Wales) (No 2) Direction 1993

This circular includes a replacement direction for the one published in PPG 6, Annex D. It corrects an error in the provision in paragraph 3 (1)(b) of the existing Direction and includes a minimum floor space criterion of 2,500 sq metres.

5/93: Public Rights of Way

This circular consolidates advice on recording, maintaining, protecting and modifying the rights of way network.

61/92: Indicative Forestry Strategies

This circular provides guidance for planning authorities who may be considering indicative strategies for the creation of new woodlands and forests.

39/92: The Town and Country Planning General Regulations 1992, The Town and Country Planning (Development Plans and Consultation) Directions 1992

This circular explains the arrangements for local planning authorities to grant planning permission for their own joint developments and developments on local authority owned land.

14/92: Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992

This circular provides a comprehensive guide to the advertisement control regime in England and Wales and the arrangements for advertisement appeals.

71/91: Planning and Compensation Act 1991: New Development Plan System - Transitional Arrangements

This circular advises on arrangements for the handling of the transition from the old system to the new.

62/91: Water Industry Investment: Planning Considerations

This circular gives guidance to local planning authorities about the planning implications of improvements being undertaken by the water industry.

50/91: Planning and Compensation Act 1991: Land Compensation and Compulsory Purchase

This circular describes Part III and section 80 of the Planning and Compensation Act 1991. The Act makes a number of changes to the land compensation code and compulsory purchase procedures.

44/91: Planning and Compensation Act 1991

This circular contains an explanatory guide to the Act. It includes detailed advice on: assessment of environmental effects; repetitive planning applications; dismissal of unduly delayed appeals; mines and waste; Interim Development Orders; status of development plans; functions of the Historic Bui ...

20/90: Electricity Generating Stations and Overhead Lines

Electricity generating stations and "overhead lines" may need both consent from the President of the Board of Trade and planning permission. This circular gives advice about the procedure for obtaining the views of local planning authorities in these cases.

38/89: Landfill Sites: Development Control

This circular advises local planning authorities on their planning powers in relation to landfill sites.

48/88: Environmental Assessment of Projects in Simplified Planning Zones and Enterprise Zones

This circular gives advice to local planning authorities on actions to ensure that development within enterprise zones is subject to environmental assessment where necessary.

1/88: Planning Policy Guidance and Minerals Planning Guidance

This circular announces the introduction of Planning Policy Guidance Notes and Minerals Planning Guidance Notes.

22/87: Development of Contaminated Land

This circular provides guidance on the planning and other aspects of the development of contaminated land.

36/87: Use of Waste Material for Road Fill

This circular sets down an administrative framework to encourage the use of waste materials as fill in road schemes.

57/86: Housing and Planning Act 1986: Planning Provisions

This circular outlines the relevant parts of the Act which came into force on 7 January 1987.

11/86: Access to Information Act

This circular outlines the requirements of the Act for local planning authorities handling of planning applications and other procedures.

60/85: Mineral Workings - Legal Aspects Relating to Restoration of Sites with High Water Tables

This circular gives procedural guidance on safeguarding long-term restoration of sites which require draining and pumping to maintain a "dry" after-use.

58/85: Guidelines for the Provision of Silica Sand in England and Wales

This circular advises on planning considerations around the extraction of silica sand.

3/85: Planning Control over Oil and Gas Operations

This circular gives information on national policy. It also provides guidance on the issues to be considered when deciding planning applications for onshore oil and gas development.

32/83: Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960

This circular introduces new model standards for touring caravans. It also advises on the use of licensing controls in preference to enforcement powers and advises on winter quarters for travelling showmen. Paragraphs 8-14 are cancelled.

22/83: Purchase Notice

This circular offers guidance on the use of and handling of purchase notices.

21/82: Disabled Persons Act 1981

This circular explains the parts of the Act relating to the needs of disabled people in public buildings.

7/82: EC Directive on the Protection of Groundwater against Pollution caused by certain Dangerous Substances (80/68/EEC)

The Annexes of this circular contain guidance on licensed waste disposal and mineral waste disposal activities.

13/81: Local Government, Planning and Land Act 1980: Various Provisions

This circular includes details of the repeal of the Community Land Act and designation criteria for Gypsies. Paragraphs 4-5 and 19-23 of this Circular; paragraphs 47-50 of Annex 1; and Annex 2 are cancelled.

2/81: Local Government, Planning and Land Act 1980

Paragraphs 25-26 of this circular are about tree preservation orders. Only these paragraphs are still in force.

136/78: Inner Urban Areas Act 1978

This circular advises on the powers available to designated authorities under the Act, especially on the creation and management of industrial and commercial improvement areas.

103/78: Report on the Committee on Planning Control over Mineral Working

This circular explains the Government's response to the Stevens Report.

92/78: Report on the Advisory Committee on Aggregates

This circular explains the Government's response to the report of the committee, chaired by Sir Ralph Verney.

64/78: Trees and Forestry

This circular consolidates advice on trees and forestry from earlier circulars. This includes advice to local authorities on their treatment in Development and other plans; Tree Preservation Orders; and authorities' duty when considering development proposals.

9/78: Mobile Homes

This circular advises on planning aspects of mobile homes and their sites. Paragraphs 6-9 have been cancelled.

182/77: Roads and Traffic - National Parks

This circular advises on the relationship between National Park Authorities and Highway and Traffic authorities.

121/77: New Streets

This circular advises on standards for new streets where bylaws are suspended by the General Development Order.

8/77: Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976

This circular includes advice on local authorities, parish and community councils' power to provide recreational facilities. It also provides advice on consent to disposal of land held for recreational purposes.

178/76: Pipelines Act 1962

This circular consolidates previous advice on land pipelines and outlines consultation arrangements.

17/76: Control of Smells from the Animal Waste Processing Industry

This circular provides general guidance to local planning authorities. It includes advice on the use of planning controls.

48/73: Post Office Operational Land Regulations 1973

This circular offers guidance on the regulations covering Post Office operational land for planning purposes.

58/72: Town and Country Planning Act 1971 Appeals under Section 36 and Planning Applications

Only the model form for planning applications remains in force.

69/71: Town and Country Planning (Minerals) Regulations 1971

This circular draws attention to the 1971 Regulations. These regulations modified certain aspects of primary legislation for mining operation developments.

59/68: Town and Country Planning Act 1968 Planning Inquiry Commissions

This circular covers the powers set out in the 1968 Act.

42/68: Caravan Sites Act 1968

Only Paragraphs 1-4 and 25-29 of this circular are still in force. They explain the parts of the Act that apply to twin-unit caravans, planning permission and fire precautions.