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Housing Land Availability in Wales

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This TAN provides guidance on the preparation of Joint Housing Land Availability Studies (JHLAS).
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Local authorities in Wales have to complete housing land availability studies each year to monitor the supply of housing land in their areas.

Local planning authorities are required by our planning policy (Planning Policy Wales) to ensure that sufficient land is available, or will become available, for a five-year supply of land for housing. To demonstrate this, local planning authorities prepare a Joint Housing Land Availability Study each year, based on meeting the housing requirements identified in their adopted development plans.

The study is undertaken with:

  • house-builders’ representatives;
  • infrastructure providers; and
  • other bodies such as local housing associations.

The Studies provide part of the evidence base for local planning authorities’ development plans and for their monitoring and review.

The purpose of the Studies is to provide an agreed statement of housing land availability for development planning and development management purposes.

Guidance on the preparation of the Studies is set out in Technical Advice Note 1, Joint Housing Land Availability Studies (TAN 1). The Studies are prepared with a common base date of 1st April every year to provide a comprehensive all-Wales picture of housing land availability. TAN 1 also provides guidance on the method for calculating housing land supply and the conditions which sites must satisfy to be included in the Studies.

The documents below provide summary data from the Studies for local planning authorities in Wales. The latest Studies for each local planning authority are also available.

Contact: Planning Policy Branch, Planning Directorate