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Research: Planning for Sustainable Economic Renewal

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Research which evaluated the effectiveness of existing planning policy for economic development to help establish future planning policy and guidance requirements against the ‘Economic Renewal: a new direction’.

The research was carried out by Roger Tym & Partners with Asbri Planning. It was informed by a comprehensive evidence base. This included:

  • a detailed review of national policy;
  • case studies from local authorities;
  • lessons learnt from other UK administrations; and
  • discussions with various stakeholders during workshop sessions held across Wales earlier in 2011.

We set up a research steering group. This was made up of representatives from:

  • the business sector;
  • environment sector;
  • planning profession; and
  • local authorities.

The group have overseen the project and endorsed its findings and recommendations.

The report presents the findings and sets out recommendations for improving planning for economic development in Wales.