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Research: Strategic Search Area (SSA) Reassessment and Validation

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This research was commissioned in 2009. It provides an evidence base to inform a revised planning policy framework for onshore wind development in and around the Strategic Search Areas (SSA) in Wales.

The research:

  • Monitors current progress towards the Technical Advice Note (TAN) 8 onshore wind targets set in 2005;
  • Locates the remaining areas of land suitable for onshore wind farm development within (and 5km adjacent to) each Strategic Search Area (SSA);
  • Defines the resource potential of the remaining areas of land for electricity generation;
  • Introduces a well-structured timeline to develop the SSAs to full capacity, taking into account existing wind farm developments, those in planning and the impact of grid connection.

This research is published electronically only.  It may also be requested on compact disc (CD).

You can request this research on CD by contacting: