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Second and Holiday Homes and the Land Use Planning System Research Report

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The supply of new homes and housing choice are critical issues for local communities. The planning system has a role to play in ensuring, through efficient land release and development controls and conditions, that the needs of communities are met. This research examines the current and future role of the planning system in responding to the housing demand pressure generated by second and holiday homes.

This pressure is examined relative to other demand pressures - from retirement, other forms of in-migration and commuting - more general supply barriers derived from land constraint, and in the context of difficulties - economic, cultural and linguistic - that may result from stronger housing pressure in weaker rural economies.

The report draws on:

  • an appraisal of existing data sources;
  • a survey of local housing and planning authorities;
  • five local case studies focusing on planning and housing professions, housing associations and estate agents; and
  • a national consultation with key interest groups.

The remainder of this summary deals with key findings and recommendations.