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A New Approach to Managing Development in Wales: Towards a Welsh Planning Act

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Report by Beaufort Research identifying the public attitudes, perceptions and expectations of the planning system in Wales.
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Arup, the Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning and Liz Mills Associates have reviewed the management and control of the use of land in Wales.

This report has considered new and innovative ways to manage and control the use of land within a plan led system. The project has looked at the relationship between development plans and the development management process to deliver a more efficient and timely process. The objectives for this research were:

  • To explore how development should be managed and controlled in a future Welsh Planning System;
  • To review the current process of obtaining and implementing planning permission;
  • To review the relationships between the development plan and development management;
  • To explore the most cost efficient way to deliver the vision and strategy a local planning authority has set out in their adopted development plan. This will allow the plans once adopted to be implemented without unnecessary duplication, delay and cost and ensure sustainable development principles and regulatory requirements are observed;
  • To explore innovative ways to deliver timely sustainable planning decisions within a new legislative and regulatory framework.